Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birthdays. Lego Birthday Party.

A few years ago before I discovered blogging, Logan was REALLY into Lego's, so it only made sense to have a Lego themed birthday party!  I searched high and low for ideas and my party is a compilation of all the things I found. 

This was by no means a way-out-there party or anything, but my first attempt at an At Home Party and although it was no less than 94 degrees that day (with 200% humidity - I'm not kidding!!) I think it went over well!  I hope you find inspiration here!

First, I free handed the number 7 on a large cardboard box that I had broken down.  I then glued one-inch square tissue paper unto the number, using a pencil as my applicator.
Next was my homemade lego pinata. 
I took two cereal boxes, cut out a large rectangular hole in the front of both
 and glued them together (so that the candy will go into both boxes). 
Then I cut a hand-sized hole at the top (for filling the candy). 
At this time, I also added a handing apparatus - a thick plastic cord.
Then I paper machied the whole thing with newspaper and watered-down glue.
I took little candy cups from Michael's and painted them red then covered the whole thing with red crepe paper and glue the candy cups in place.  Voila - lego!  (Apologize again for no instructional photos - as I said, it was before I discovered blogging!) 
I had a "Guess the number of Lego's" in a jar with cards to complete. 
The winner kept the jar. 
That was sitting on a table of lego scenes that Logan had put together.
The snack table was just a few munchies.  I attempted the Lego pops mentioned here.  Mine turned out NOTHING like hers but the kids like them anyway ;-)  I stuck those in cups filled with Legos.

I setup "Construction" tables, where the guests could build. To have enough legos, I purchased a bulk of Legos from ebay for the party.

The eating area had various "homemade" legos on it for decor.  Capri sun boxes, shoes boxes, all shapes and sizes - wrapped with wrapping paper, and small milk jug caps spray painted and glued on.
The cake topper I made with one of Logan's lego gifts.  I found candy lego's at a local bulk store so I used those as decorations around the bottom. 
They were also added to small bags for the take-home treats.
I downloaded pictures of Lego men from and printed them on sticker and magnet paper, as well as printed coloring pages for all the kids to do before the party started.  
Everyone got to take a few home. 
I also made an iron-on transfer of the number 7 and created a t-shirt for Logan to wear on his big day.
I downloaded various lego men fonts and used them for the invite envelopes and made this sign for the house with one of the Lego fonts.
I used this photo as my invitation and mounted it to cardstock.

The giveaways were homemade lego keychains, a small lego set, lego candy, and a photo thank you card with a picture of life-size Buzz and Woody lego men.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your next Lego birthday party!!

Good Lego Birthday party sites:

p.s.  Bowling Party posting soon!!

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  1. What a cute party! I just had a Lego Star Wars party for my boys a few months ago...wish I had some of these ideas then, lol! Love the Lego pinata! :)

    1. Thanks Michelle!! You'll have to keep it in mind for next time :-)

  2. This is the one party we never did, but wish we had...My son just turned 10 and here's a link to our Harry Potter Party. Hope you can stop by...

  3. Wonderful party! I am looking for one of the pretty LA event venues for my mother's birthday next month. She shares her birthday with my cousin so it will be a dual party. Two amazing cakes will be there and favorite dinner of both of them will be ordered. Eagerly waiting for the day.