Sunday, April 29, 2012

Craft. My Candelier!

We recently purchased a new chandelier for our dining room.
The question was, what do we do with our old one? 
That's easy, make it a Candelier!

You will need:
any old chandelier
glass votive holders

First things first...remove the guts of your chandelier - all the wiring.   Next, using your E6000 (have I mentioned before how much I LOVE this stuff??!!) glue the glass votive holders in the spot where the light bulbs used to sit - I picked mine up from Hobby Lobby but I found these online.
Then....voila!  You have a new "Candelier"!! 
Apologies for the blurry photo...the shutter was wide open and the wind was blowing!!
And I have to tell you how much I love these pulley's
They are key to getting my candles lit in my candelier!!

Thanks for looking!!

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  1. oh i just LOVE that! found you from Debbie Doos

  2. Now that is what I call repurposing. I love it. Thanks for sharing at the newbie party.

  3. Great transformation! (And I love the idea of using a pulley.) It looks as though you have a lovely outdoor space. (Newest follower)

    1. I absolutely LOVE those pulley's!!! In fact, I need more!! Welcome!!! :-)