Sunday, April 22, 2012

Decorating. My Outdoor Space.

I love my outdoor space.  No, really - I love it. 
Slowly through the years I've tried to add a few things to give it that Outside Room feel and I'm happy where we are with it now - the all-weather lamps really give it that home-y feel!
Now when it comes to my decorating style, it's more along the lines of primitive mixed with recycled and new.  Not sure that even makes sense, but that's pretty much how we roll!
My dad picked up the vintage glider and two chairs from an antique shop.  I LOVE the way the paint has worn through the years, giving it that primitive look.  I refuse to paint it!!
(oops...nice sand bucket huh?  lol)
Although...I will need to do something about that rust this year....
This love seat glider was another hand-me-down from dad...I think he picked this up somewhere down South.  (Please ignore the sand all over my cushions.  My 5 year old was cleaning out his sand table and decided it would be fun to dump unto my chairs.  NOT.)
Then this glider he rescued for me from someones garbage!!  The bar was broken, but my brother soldered it up and it's good as new!! 
Isn't it amazing what a few cans of black spray paint and new cushions can do for recycled furniture?
This chair is the MOST comfortable chair I have ever sat in - no joke!  I bought this from a garage sale for $15 and I LOVE it.  It's MY seat - and everyone knows it.  Not to mention I had to drag it to my car and I swear that thing weighs 30 pounds - it's solid steel!!
This chandelier goes perfect - another recycled item - from our dining room!  Want one for yourself?  Check out this post on how I did it!
Next to our covered area, we have our chiminea area....this continues to be a work in progress.
Gee...I wonder why...HAHA...
Then of course the boys sand table - which they BOTH still love!
There is still some work to be done, as well as finishing some spring cleaning back there ( sand bucket anyone?).  But I am very excited to have my deck setup in a way that I can entertain and enjoy as well.
Do you have a favorite outdoor space?

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  1. I love your outdoor space too. Very cool and comfy looking. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks quite comfy - I love the cool look of YOUR chair!!

    1. LOL - I could sit there for hours!! It has a great bounce to it!!

  3. What fun, using the vintage gliders with their original "patina", and that really cool chair! I love it more than anything new you could possibly buy. Very family-friendly too! my grandbaby boy would love that Sand-play box! I'll have to find one for him! Glad to "meet" you at the newbie Party! I'm now your newest follower!
    Be blessed!
    Linda @ Grandmalay's Daydreams

    1. Thanks for stopping by Linda!! I too love the patina - I just couldn't think of the word yesterday!! HEE HEE!!

  4. Seriously LOVE the patina furniture!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be a SIN to paint such beauty!
    Thanks for linking up at the newbie party!!

  5. Love your outdoor space! We have a nice covered patio out back that hasn't had much done with it. Thanks for the inspiration on getting it fixed up! Happy Monday!

    1. You bet Sharla!! Now that the weather is starting to get better (well...sort of!!) its time to get motivated!! ;-)

  6. Totally Perfect!!! I'd love to have you share at my JUST opened!!!

    XO, Aimee