Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Story. Bathroom fiasco. Part 2.

So when I left you last, my bathroom looked like this.

The mold kit of course came back bad.  Honestly, I knew we would have a mold problem, which is why I told my husband we needed to tear the rest of the tiles off the top of that funky shelf before we even saw the results of the mold kit.  Which we did.
At this point, we could both see the water spots and we both knew what the next step had to be.  Yep, tearing out the funky shelf (which I always thought was weird, too big, and not necessary).  Once we started tearing out the shelf we found this.
Talk about scary....
Gross black mold...the scary kind.  We didn't need the petrie dish to tell us that this mold was gross and needed to be delt with.  I think the scariest part of all was that for a bit of time, we actually thought about re-tiling over the existing structure.  That still freaks me out.
So since we found this, it had to be dealt with immediately.  So, we start ripping out the funky shelf - all the way down to the two-by-fours and the subflooring.  DEMO TIME!!

Stay tuned for what we did next!
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