Saturday, March 17, 2012

Story. Bathroom fiasco. Part 1.

Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated. ~Lamartine that might be a bit dramatic.  But didn't you miss me just a little bit??!!  Yes, I've been gone for awhile and I apologize.  2012 is my year to really get regular about posting!  But we all know how resolutions come out :-(....I will try my hardest. 

So this new year brings me into a new fiasco - the kid's bathroom.  The kids have all these *fun* (NOT) toys that stick to our bathroom tub tile surround and it was a bout a month ago that my husband decided to pop one of those suckers off and put it away.  Well, lo and behold - a few bathroom tiles came down with it!!  So awhile after that, I finally get around to addressing the problem and I begin by scraping the remains of what I thought was mortar off the wall.  As I begin trying to chip off this stuff with a chisel and a hammer, more and more tiles start dropping off.  Lovely. 
That's when I realize this stuff isn't mortar, but rather adhesive, so its probably not going to come off easy.  I ended up removing all the tiles in that row to replace since most of them were off anyhow.  Last weekend I go to Home Depot with my cell phone photos, tape measure, and my money.  After about 45 minutes, and $152 later, I think I have everything I need to complete this project.  
The most import thing being my do-it-yourself mold kit.  I was told before starting ANYTHING I must do this since its possible those tiles have been loose and retaining water for awhile.

The test takes a few days so for the time being my bath sat like this.
Stay tuned in the coming weeks for me, you'll want to see!
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