Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Craft. Christmas Jar lanterns.

Need a great gift for Teachers?  Neighbors?  Babysitters? 
Found this on one of my favorite blogs and loved how they turned out!!
You will need:
tissue paper, torn into 1 inch strips
Modge Podge
die-cuts (or hand drawn pics for front of jar)

Now don't ask me why I didn't photograph my steps knowing FULL WELL that I was going to blog about it.  I honestly don't know what got into me.  I think I was having so much fun doing this that I forgot all about photographs!!!  So I will show you the photos I could find.
First, you will Modge Podge the strips of tissue to the jar.  I put my hand in the jar and starting the strip of tissue at the bottom, Modge'd it up to the top of the jar.  The top is nearly impossible to do with that same strip (it ends up tearing from all the Modge Podge) so we'll worry about that later - just come as close at you can to the top and don't worry about any tears or holes around the top for now. 
While this is drying, you can work on your die-cuts.  I used my Cricut Expression - Christmas Cheer cartridge to cut out these images.  However, you can freestyle some snowmen and that's cute too - see!
Once you get the die-cuts together, you can Modge Podge them right onto the front of the jar.  Now is when you want to see if there are any spots you missed and to finish the top of the jar.  My tops turned out well and here's what I did.  I took a strip of tissue and wrapped it around the top of the jar horizontally.  That way, it covered the whole top in one swoop!
Tie some ribbon around them, add a tag (I added the candy cane reindeer instead), pop a tealight in that baby and you're ready for gift giving!!  Hint:  If you can find them on sale, the battery operated tealights are really fabulous!!  These actually flicker like flames (I found mine on sale at Hobby Lobby)!!
 Look for another post soon to show what else I filled these treat jars with!
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