Monday, October 31, 2011

Tips. Mami Calendar.

Between the weekly Doctor's appointments, school activities, my husband's shift schedule, and our Nanny's hours I was inevitably forgetting missing one thing or another.  Enter "The Calendar" - otherwise known as "Our Life" (here's a shout out for my BFF Christine for this idea - love you girlie!).  My husband has fought this tooth-and-nail since he uses his phone calendar capabilities.  Thats great, but I don't have access to his phone calendar when I am cooking dinner while scheduling a Doctor's appointment for two weeks out!  So......since we have many appointments and work schedules to create, "The Calendar" is where it's all set in stone.

Since both my husband and I work, and since my husband is on a rotating shift, the first thing I enter are his workdays.  From there, I enter our Nanny's hours around when we need daycare.  Then I enter any deviations from the normal school week (early dismissal, "wear red today", etc.).  Next its on to our weekly Dr's appointments, as well as after-school activities such as Art class or upcoming kid's birthday parties.  Then there are Bass Pro VIP nights for my husband, and Bunco for me - those are a MUST on my calendar!!  Once I have all the "necessary" things scheduled, I try to find some time that I carve out for Family Fun (usually on the weekends, last week it was the Hoosier Valley Museum's Pumpkin train.), Mami & Papi Date nights or just some "Mami time".  We have both come to LOVE our makes life much simpler for this Working Mother :-)
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  1. All I can say is the calendar looks full, when can you squeeze me in LOL? Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  2. LOL - you're right!! Full doesn't begin to describe my life! HEE HEE